Q. How do I contact you?
A. Call (760) 726-5890

Q. How much does a show cost?
A. From $250 to $350 in the San Diego area, depending upon which show you'd like, where you're located, and if this is for a large event or a small private party. Most children's birthday parties would be $250.

Q. What do you recommend for a child's birthday?
A. I recommend my general variety show, Puppets on Stage. It's a 30-minute show, works well for all ages of children, and can be set up indoors or out. I do what's called a "cabaret" style ... I'm right out front with the puppets. Usually the audience sits on the floor in a semi-circle, and the marionettes can walk right up to the children. These are all trick marionettes; for example, the raccoon juggles apples, there's a little fellow on roller skates, another character does acrobatics on a trampoline.

Q. So it lasts a half hour?
A. Yes the puppet show does; but I also bring a guitar and do a warm-up song or two with the children before the show starts, so altogether, there's about 35 to 40 minutes or so of entertainment.

Q. What about a special theme?
A. While I don't (and couldn't possibly have) a show for every imaginable theme, what I can do is incorporate your theme into the show. I do have one ventriloqual figure, a camel, and he's very versatile and adaptive.